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A Stronger, Healthier More Mobile You!

Tired of not being as fit, strong or mobile as you would like to be?

Are you tired of getting hurt in the gym?

Tired of building a little momentum only to have it come to a screeching halt because of nagging old injuries?

Are you new to working out and just not sure what to do or how to do it without getting injured? 


 I’m Jordan Forth, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer in Kailua Kona. I offer Personal, Semi-Private and Small Group Strength Training at a private gym.

My goal is to make personal training safe, effective and fun in the least intimidating way possible. My experience and expertise allows me train with a flexible style that can adapt to your individual needs and goals, moving us towards the results you seek.  

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Personal Training

Feel Great, Look Good, Move Well!

Are you looking to build strength and muscle, loose weight or improve performance in a sport, recreational pursuit or life in general? We can help.​

Your journey will begin with what we call the "Get Started" Program. We’ll begin this program by assessing your goals, health history, lifestyle and recreational pursuits so that we can design a program to best support your needs and endeavors. 


We’ll take a detailed look at how your body moves as well as your current state of strength and fitness. With this information we'll begin to build your exercising program. Much of your program will be built around fundamental movements or activities of daily living recreated in a gym setting. 


We then enter the "educational phase", where we'll teach you the basics of strength training; how to use your body properly to perform these fundamental movements optimally so you can pursue your goals while minimizing your risk of injury. 

This can be an “eye opening” experience for those who have lifted weights before, as they are often introduced to new and interesting ways of using their body and performing exercises they have done in the past.


Often it’s less about what you do and more about how you do it.​

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Semi-Private Training

Fitness is always more fun together!

With Semi-Private Training you'll be performing your own, individualized program, working out along side one other person.

In order to ensure your safety as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the workout you must be approved in order to participate. 


As with with personal training, we'll begin with the "Get Started Program". This will allow us to gain insight into how your body moves as well as your current level of strength and fitness. This helps us create an individualized program specifically designed for your body and your goals.


After completing the "Get Started Program" we'll assess and see if you are ready for Semi-Private Training or if additional Personal Training is required first.  

This is also a great option for couples or friends looking to workout together. 

Reach out to get started on your journey!

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Small Group Training

Fitness is always more fun together!

We offer small group training sessions at several times throughout the week. There is nothing like the camaraderie and motivation found working out in a small group!


Unlike many "small group" classes our groups are limited to 4. This allows us to keep a detailed and critical eye on each student's form. 


In order to ensure to your safety as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the workout you must be approved in order to participate. As with with Personal and Semi-Private Training, you must first go through the "Get Started Program". This provides us insight into how your body moves as well as your current level of strength and fitness allowing us to better organize an effective workout for you and the rest of the group while minimizing risk of injury.


After completion of the "Get Started" program we'll assess if you're ready for the group sessions or if additional personal training is required first. 

Reach out to get started on your journey!

Do more with those you love!

Don't let reasons or excuses keep you from becoming the strongest, fittest, most mobile version of you.

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain

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